Management &

Debt Collection

2019 March - Thailand

Mercure Finances is continuing its efforts to meet the demands of its clients to recover their debts anywhere in the world.
We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new Mercure Finance approved partner in Thailand. Welcome to all the Thai team who has perfectly met our methodological requirements in terms of management of complex negotiations, responsiveness and efficiency !

2019 January - Mauritania

Mercure Finances signed a strategic partnership with Mauritania in January 2019. Mercure Finances international network is now one of the widest and the most proactive in Europe.


2018 December - New website

Mercure Finances is pleased to announce the opening of its new website. This site has been completely redesigned in both French and English, to offer our customers a clearer and easier navigation experience.

We also wanted to simplify access to your personalized area and give you easy access to the new services our teams are developing to meet your needs.

We also wish to thank all our customers and parteners who have accepted to join us with trusts confidence for this new version of the site.


2018 October - New office in Houston

To provide a more proactive respons to the requests of its customers, Mercure Finances is proud to announce the opening of its new offices in Houston, Texas - USA.

This new team will serve both our US and European clients who are asking us to negotiate with their debtors on their behalf in the US.


2018 June - Mercure Finance continues its international development

We are pleased today to confirm that Mercure Finances has opened this week a strategic partnership to manage collection in Vietnam and conduct complex negotiations and litigation in this area. We welcome the teams from Hanoi. We are very proud to be one of the very few organizations that can cover this part of the world. 

2018 March - International Recognition

Mercure Finances has been co-opted by the largest dispute resolution and debt collection network in the world. From now on, we offer our clients the assistance of our negotiator teams in more than 35 countries.