Management &

Debt Collection


From requests of many clients, we developed an analysis, consulting and restructuring unit for preventative debt action and recurrent cost reduction.



MERCURE Finances work and being valueadded on all the processes that can affect the payment deadlines and the financial relationship with your customers

  • Billing

  • Identification of types of debtors

  • Anticipation of late payments

  • Reminder Management Programs

  • Recovery Strategies

A systematic analysis is run on all your internal procedures in order to identity and release complete and operationnal proposals.

MERCURE Finances gives you turnkey debt collection programs customized to your financial goals and your customer relationship requirements.


Specific missions for organising purchasing organization and cost reduction missions.

  • Analysis of financial issues

  • Identification of cost reduction levers

  • Competition, renegotiation of buying conditions with you suppliers

MERCURE Finances is committed to quickly and significantly finding cost-saving solutions for non-strategic purchases.

  • Customer credit

  • Advertising & communication

  • Insurance

  • Computer

  • Bank charges

  • Telecommunications

  • Energy

  • ...


The strategic proximity of MERCURE Finances with its

customers has led the company to develop specific training modules adapted to the specific needs of the financial services teams.

  • Modular sessions

  • Individual or group training

  • Tools adapted to the efficient processing of files, from the negotiation phase to the judicial settlement.

MERCURE Finances also develops modules on demand by presenting the best specialists in their field.

  • Pate payment reminders calls training

  • Complex negotiations and mediation

  • Legal environment for debt collection

  • On demand, specific modules